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Can The Cold Crisps Of Precision Cold-drawn Tubes Be Regulated?
Jun 08, 2018

Due to the effects of various factors, the performance of precision cold-drawn tubes can also be affected, and cold brittleness is one of them. Is there any way to increase the cold crispness of precision cold-drawn tubes?

Precision cold-drawn tubes contain many metallic elements, so it is possible to increase the product's cold brittle by solid-solution strengthening elements; in addition, the formation of the second-phase elements is also beneficial in this regard, for example, with the carbon content of cold-drawn tubes. Increased, the pearlite content in the structure will also increase, so that the toughness of a precision cold drawn tube - a brittle transition temperature.

In addition, the grain size is also one of the important influencing factors. In general, grain coarsening can promote the toughness-brittle transition temperature, while grain refinement can reduce the cold and brittle tendency of the pipe. Therefore, this has also become a widely used method to control cold and cold drawn tubes.