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Alloy tube symbol meaning
Nov 29, 2017

Element Symbol Meaning
Steel grades referred to as steel, is a name for each specific steel products, people understand a common language of steel. Our country's number said that the general method of Chinese phonetic alphabet, chemical symbols and the combination of Arabic numerals means
Below we specifically introduce the elements of the alloy steel and symbolic meaning
1, two numbers at the beginning of the steel that the carbon content of carbon to the average carbon content of the very few said, such as 40Cr.
2, the main alloying elements in steel, in addition to individual micro-alloying elements, generally expressed in a few percent. When the average alloy content<1.5%, the steel number
Generally marked only element symbols, but not indicate the content, but in some cases may cause confusion in the element symbol can also be marked with the number "1"
For example, steel "12CrMoV" and "12Cr1MoV", the former chromium content of 0.4-0.6%, which is 0.9-1.2%, the remaining components are all the same
When the average content of alloying elements ≥ 1.5%, ≥ 2.5%, ≥ 3.5% ... ..., the content of elements should be marked after the content can be expressed as 2,3
, 4 ... and so on. For example 18Cr2Ni4WA.

Alloy (2 photos)
3, steel vanadium V, titanium Ti, aluminum AL, boron B, rare earth RE and other alloying elements are microalloy elements, although the content is very low, should still be in the steel number
Marked. For example, vanadium in 20MnVB steel is 0.07-0.12% and boron is 0.001-0.005%.
4, high-quality steel should be the last plus "A" steel to distinguish it from the general high-quality steel.
5, special purpose alloy structural steel, steel crown (or suffix) represents the use of the symbol of the steel. For example, riveting screw-specific 30CrMnSi steel,
The steel number is ML30CrMnSi.
6, low-alloy high-strength steel for professional use, should be marked on the end of the steel. For example, 16Mn steel, special steel for the bridge "16Mnq", steam
The special steel for the girder is "16MnL" and the special steel for the pressure vessel is "16MnR".

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