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The difference between hot rolling and cold rolling process of alloy tube
Nov 29, 2017

Alloy tube In the production process will have steel tube cold rolling, steel pipe hot-rolled these several, the steel pipe cold rolling and hot-rolled to the steel pipe what role? What are the differences between them? Let me give you a little part of the questions below.
The first is hot rolling, in the hot rolling, it is to divide the steel into very small grains, so that the steel more closely, the microstructure of the steel in the defects can be synthesized, so that the mechanical properties of the steel more perfect, in the hot rolling of these steel, it can form bubbles, cracks and loose, Of course it can also be welded to the composite steel pipe under high temperature and pressure.
The so-called cold-rolled, it is in the general temperature of the cold drawing, Leng, cold and many other cold working procedures, and then the steel processing into different forms of steel, in the cold rolling, can be quickly formed, and its production is very high, can change the shape of the desired.
The difference between cold rolling and hot rolling is that in cold rolling, it can have local buckling, according to this feature, it can have certain bearing capacity, but hot rolling has no such characteristics. In the cold hot rolling, the distribution of their cross-section is also different, cold-rolled its curved pipe section is curved, and hot-rolled film. The torsional behavior of hot rolled steel is better than that of cold-rolled steel pipe during the torsion of hot-rolled and cold rolling.

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