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Chrome plating process and function of hydraulic chrome rod
Oct 24, 2018

We usually refer to the chrome-plated piston rod product as a hydraulic chrome rod, so do you know why it is chrome-plated? Among the components of a hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod is an indispensable connecting component. Moreover, the normal operation of the piston rod often affects the running quality of the entire system, and thus the quality of the piston rod is relatively high.


In comparison, hydraulic chrome rods are treated with chrome plating to improve their overall performance to some extent. First, the surface of the piston rod product can be made smoother and more resistant to corrosion. It also provides a low-friction surface to better meet the requirements of use. Usually the piston rod is made of high-strength carbon steel to meet the strength requirements, and then chrome-plated to give it a hard, smooth, corrosion-resistant surface finish.


In the process of chrome plating of hydraulic chrome rods, electroplating is usually used, which is actually a relatively complicated electrochemical process. After chrome plating, the hardness of the coating of the piston rod can be as high as HV1100, and the coating is smooth, uniform in thickness and strong in dispersibility, which can greatly improve it in some aspects.

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