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High precision honing pipe quality assurance measures
Dec 21, 2018

High precision honing pipes are high-precision products. Due to the advanced manufacturing process, the surface quality of the products is improved and the service life is also extended. The high precision honing pipe combines the advantages of no oxidation layer on the outer wall, high pressure and no leakage, high precision, high smoothness, no deformation of cold bending, flaring, flattening and no cracks.


The high precision honing pipe with such excellent performance is made by the rolling process, which also reflects the important role of the rolling process. Under normal circumstances, the surface layer of the honing pipe which is subjected to rolling processing will leave surface residual compressive stress, which will help the surface micro-crack closure, hinder the expansion of erosion, thereby improving the surface corrosion resistance and delaying the generation of fatigue cracks. Or enlarge, thus increasing the fatigue strength of the honing tube.


In general, in order to ensure the quality of high precision honing pipes, it is necessary to take certain measures: 1. to ensure the quality of the materials used in the workpiece itself; 2, to ensure the quality of the honing rod or honing head; 3, to ensure the quality of the honing fluid .

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