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How is Precision seamless steel tube made?
Feb 06, 2018

Precision seamless steel tube occupies an important position in the steel pipe, its use has also accounted for more than 90 percent, are applied in various industries. This is due to the nature of seamless steel pipe and production conditions to decide, then how is the production of seamless steel pipe it?


Common seamless steel pipe production process and process more complicated, you need to use steel ingot or solid tube perforation made of capillary, and then by hot-rolled, cold-rolled or cold dial made. Thus, the seamless steel pipe production process can be divided into two kinds of cold drawn and hot-rolled, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe production process is generally more complex than hot-rolled.


Cold-rolled seamless steel pipe, the first tube to be three-roll continuous rolling, extrusion to be sizing test, if the surface did not respond to cracks after the tube to cut through the cutting machine, cut into about one meter in length of the blank . And then into the annealing process, the acid pickling to be used acid pickling, pickling surface to pay attention to whether there is a lot of blistering, if there is a lot of blister produced steel quality does not meet the appropriate standards.


And the appearance of cold-rolled Precision seamless steel tube is shorter than hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe generally smaller thickness than hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, but the surface looks thicker than the thick-walled seamless steel pipe, the surface Not too rough, caliber nor too much glitch.


But whether it is cold-rolled seamless steel pipe or hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, their use is more extensive, the use of a wider range, so when used to pay attention to quality characteristics, to make a reasonable choice to ensure seamless The advantages of steel can be given full play.

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