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How is the length of the stainless steel piston rod calculated?
Dec 06, 2018

In order to ensure the stability of stainless steel piston rod processing accuracy, it is necessary not only to strictly select quality qualified raw materials, but also to pay attention to its own structural design. For example, during the use of stainless steel piston rods, sometimes the piston rods have abnormal conditions, such as deviation, short stroke, and long device length.


When such problems arise, we need to take effective measures to deal with them in a timely manner. At present, stainless steel piston rod products are mainly used in hydraulic cylinders, cylinders, cylinders and other actuators. Therefore, when calculating the piston rod, it is also required to consider the primary scale of the hydraulic cylinder. Next, take the cylinder as an example to introduce the accounting method for the length of the piston rod device.


The main parameters to be considered for the design of the hydraulic cylinder size are: cylinder inner diameter D, stainless steel piston rod diameter d and cylinder length L. In addition, it is necessary to determine the useful working area of the piston according to the load condition and the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder. The length of the hydraulic cylinder stainless steel piston rod is usually 0.7-1.0 times the outer diameter of the piston rod. Of course, if there are other needs, you need to consider them comprehensively.

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