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Processing principle and process flow of high precision cold drawn tube
Dec 11, 2018

High precision cold drawn tube reduces the wall thickness by limiting the deformation of the material through the inner and outer molds to meet the required geometrical dimensions. The inner and outer surface roughness of the cold drawn steel pipe is usually between 0.8 and 1.6 μm. Under the normal use of the mold, the 27SiMn steel pipe with an inner diameter of 100mm after cold drawing, if the inner diameter of the inner mold is the basic size, the inner diameter deviation is in the range of -0.18 mm to +0.03 mm.


In the process of high precision cold drawn tube, the wall thickness of the steel pipe is reduced, which will make the length of the steel pipe longer than the length of the blank before cold drawing, and improve the utilization rate of the material. At the same time, the strength is also improved due to the plastic deformation of the material.


The process of high precision cold drawn tube includes two methods. One is cold-drawn processing, which is the finished steel pipe. The main process flow is: processing steel pipe process end, pickling, rust removal and oil removal, etc., phosphating surface And cleaning, saponification of the surface, drying the surface, cold drawing, product inspection. The other is the steel pipe that has been cold drawn for many times to become a finished product.

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