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Hollow piston rod processing technology and application range
Dec 12, 2018

The hollow piston rod is processed by the turning processing method. Turning is a relatively basic cutting method commonly used at present. The method of cutting the workpiece with the workpiece relative to the tool rotation on the lathe is very important in production. Status. Turning is suitable for machining rotary surfaces. Most workpieces with rotary surfaces can be machined by turning, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, end faces, grooves, threads and rotary forming surfaces. The tools used are mainly turning tools.


At present, in the process of processing hollow piston rods, lathes can be divided into horizontal lathes, floor lathes, vertical lathes, turret lathes, and profiling lathes, depending on their process characteristics, layout and structural characteristics. Most of them are horizontal lathes.


At the same time, the application of hollow piston rods has been quite common. The fields involved are: printing machinery, woodworking machinery, fitness equipment, power tools, textile machinery, light industrial machinery, automation equipment and other industrial machinery and supporting equipment, especially It is more common in the automotive industry.

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