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Problems that should be paid attention to during the production process of cold drawn steel tubes
Oct 04, 2018

Cold drawn steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe fitting which is widely used at present, and it is necessary to strictly control each process step in the process of production and processing. Especially in the casting process, the annealing process will directly affect the softness of the cold drawn steel pipe.


In order to ensure the quality of the products, we carry out the annealing process strictly in accordance with the standard regulations for the production of cold drawn steel pipes, especially the system of automatic temperature regulation, so that human error can be avoided during the casting process. Effectively improve the product's pass rate.


In fact, in the process of processing, we need to consider the low temperature temper brittleness of cold drawn steel pipes. Usually, after the alloy steel is quenched to obtain a martensite structure, it is tempered at a temperature range of 250 to 400 ° C to embrittle the steel, and the toughness-brittle transformation temperature is obviously increased. The cold drawn steel pipe which has been embrittled can no longer be eliminated by the method of low temperature tempering heating, which is common in alloy structural steel and low alloy ultra high strength cold drawn steel pipe and the like.

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