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Skiving tube advantage and feature
Jan 12, 2018

The machining feeding speed is very fast during the skiving roller burnishing tube course, so,the efficiency of S.R.B is 20times than of traditional honing process. So,we advise that if the tube is need of further machining, please select S.R.B process. The surface roughness is very stable,whatever it is welding or other further process.

Skiving tube.png

The advantage of Skiving roller & Skiving tube
1.Shorten the machining time comparing to the honing process( about 30minutes), several minutes is ok
2.The hardness of surface by S.R.B comparing to honing and extend the tube usage life-time.
3.Improving the surface roughness.
4.Save the cost of machining. The honing process will leave the honing muddy stone and the S.R.B process will leave the chips.

 the feature of S.R.B tube:

1.Improve the surface roughness , reaching to Ra≤0.04um
2.Adjust roundness ,ellipticity reach  ≤0.02mm
3.improve the hardness of surface,relief the deformation ,enhance the hardness to HV≥4°   
4Obtain residual stress layer after process to increase fatigue strength by 30%
5.Increasing the quality,reduce wear and extend the life time of components and increase the cost of machining.

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