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Square tube performance index
Nov 29, 2017

1. Square tube performance index analysis - plastic
Plasticity is the ability of a metal material to undergo plastic deformation (permanent deformation) without breaking under the action of a load.
2. Square tube performance index analysis - hardness
Hardness is a measure of the hardness of metal materials pointer. At present, the most commonly used method for determining hardness in production is press-in hardness method, which is to press the surface of a metal material to be tested under a certain load with a certain geometry indenter to determine the hardness value according to the degree of press-in.
Commonly used methods are Brinell hardness (HB), Rockwell hardness (HRA, HRB, HRC) and Vickers hardness (HV) and other methods.
3. Square tube performance index analysis - fatigue
The strength, plasticity, and hardness discussed above are all indicators of the mechanical properties of metals under static load. In fact, many machine parts work under cyclic loads and the parts can fatigue under these conditions.
4 square tube performance index analysis - impact toughness
The load acting on the machine at a very high speed is called the impact load. The ability of the metal to resist damage under the impact load is called the impact toughness.
5. Square tube performance index analysis - strength
Strength refers to the metal material under static load to resist damage (excessive plastic deformation or fracture) performance. As the role of the load mode of tension, compression, bending, shear and other forms, so the strength is divided into tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, shear strength and so on. Often there is a certain relationship between the various strengths, the use of more generally to the tensile strength as the most basic strength indicators.

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