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Standard for the use and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders
Sep 07, 2018

(1) Basic requirements

1. It is recommended to use working fluid: YA-N46 in summer, YA-N32 hydraulic oil in winter, or mechanical oil of corresponding viscosity (moving viscosity 30 centistokes to 40 centistokes at 50 °C).

2. The oil temperature should be between 5 °C and 65 °C during operation to avoid accelerated aging of the seal.

3. The hydraulic oil should be cleaned and the oil pollution degree index should be in the national standard 19/16.

(2) Packaging, storage and transportation

1. Hydraulic cylinder tube Storage and transportation should be packaged accordingly, the oil port joint surface and the exposed part of the piston rod should be equipped with protective devices.

2. It should be fixed firmly during storage and transportation to prevent bumping.

3. When lifting, you should hang it securely to avoid falling.

(3) Disassembly and assembly of hydraulic cylinders

1. Before removing the hydraulic cylinder, the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder circuit should be reduced to zero.

2. Prevent damage to the parts of the hydraulic cylinder when disassembling.

3. Since the specific structure of the hydraulic cylinder is not the same, the order of disassembly is not the same, and it is judged according to the specific situation. For flange connection type, the flange connection screw should be removed first, and the end cover should be pushed out with screws, so that it cannot be hardened or hammered to avoid damage. For the inner card key connection, the special guide tool should be used to push the guide sleeve inward. After the card key is exposed, the card key is taken out and the card keyway is filled with nylon or rubber material and then removed. For threaded coupling cylinders, the screw cap should be unscrewed first. When removing the piston rod and the piston, the piston rod assembly cannot be pulled out of the cylinder rigidly. Try to keep the shaft of the piston rod assembly and the cylinder slowly pulled out in a line.

4. After the parts are removed and inspected, the parts should be kept in a clean environment, and an isolation device to prevent bumps should be installed. The parts should be cleaned before reassembly.

(4) Requirements of the working environment

1. In the wind and rain environment, the appearance of the hydraulic cylinder should be rust-proof.

2. When working in a high temperature environment, heat insulation should be placed around the hydraulic cylinder.

3. In the dusty working environment, it should be considered to install dustproof facilities outside the hydraulic cylinder.

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