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The application of seamless Skiving tubes
Jan 29, 2018

Seamless Skiving tubes is one of the seamless steel pipe, since it was launched in many industries has been widely used, many people only know that it can be used in the construction industry, but in addition to the construction industry, seamless pipe scraping originally is also a kind of can transport liquid and gas pipeline.

Because the seamless skiving tube is a hollow section pipe material, very suitable for for conveying liquid, and the pipe inner surface is smooth, the fluid resistance is very small, very economy.The natural gas used in our lives is often transported by seamless scraping tubes.In addition to liquids, gases, and clean water, seamless scraping tubes can also be used to transport chemical liquids because of their corrosion resistance.

These are just a seamless skiving tube works as a function of pipeline transport, in addition to this, and structure type of seamless pipe scraping in the oil industry, used for petroleum drill pipe, is applied in ship industry.In fact, some of our bike frames and parts of our cars are seamless scraping tubes and military applications.

Whether or not the seamless skiving tube is used for any purpose, it should be tested for hardness before use.A seamless scraping tube made of tensile test specimen usually only determines mechanical properties or more of tensile strength, yield strength, elongation rate and reduction of area.

Seamless skiving tube hardness test is in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the slow pressure into the surface of the sample of the rigid indenter hardness tester, and then test indentation depth or size, to determine the size of the hardness of the material. Hardness test is a simple, quick and easy way to test the mechanical properties of materials, but it has a positive significance to the application of materials.

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