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Skiving roller &burnishing (S.R.B in brief )procedure
Jan 25, 2018

This kind of procedure is good surface quality and lower cost procedure. Not only decreasing the inside hole surface roughness, also enhancing the hardness of inside hole and extending the lifetime of fatigue of components. So, many kinds of cylinder barrel inside machining adopts to skiving roller &burnishing procedure. After S.R.B machining, the roughness can improve drastically. This kind of procedure is suitable for lower hardness and good ductility carbon steel.
The main factors, include tolerance, times, feeding ,speed and the structure of tool will affect the quality of inside hole. For example, the S.R.B remaining tolerance is small and the roughness is not good. But if the remaining tolerance is too larger , it will a lot of loosing arisen ,especial for casting iron.
Times of S.R.B machining will affect the tolerances of I.D and roughness. And the feeding of S.R.B will affect the quality of work-pieces, Less feeding volume, better quality. But the S.R.B speed does not affect the quality of I.D of barrel ,so, we improve the efficiency of S.R.B.
The skiving roller & burnishing tool has four kinds :round ball, cylinder ball, taped ball, and ball wheel. So, we can select the different of tools according to components shape.



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