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The difference between a cold drawn tube and a hot rolled tube
Apr 25, 2018

Cold drawing tube is a kind of steel pipe, which is different from hot rolling (expansion) tube according to different classification of production process. In the process of expanding the diameter of the billet or raw material tube, the cold-drawing process is usually done in a single chain or double-chain cold-drawing machine with 0.5-100t. Cold-rolled (dial) steel tube in addition to general steel tube, low medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler tube, alloy steel, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, mechanical processing, thick wall pipe, small diameter and other steel pipe, cold drawn pipe include carbon thin wall steel tube, alloy thin wall steel pipes, thin-walled stainless steel pipe, steel pipe. Cold drawn steel tube to its diameter 6 mm, wall thickness to 0.25 mm, to 5 mm wall thickness thin wall pipe diameter less than 0.25 mm size, precision and surface quality were significantly better than that of the hot rolled (expanding) pipe, but subject to the limit of the process, the diameter and length is limited to some extent.

Hot tube is a kind of pipe fitting produced by hot rolling process, which is a common mechanical structure.

Hot rolling is a rolling process that is performed above the recrystallization temperature. Hot rolling process can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce cost. Hot rolled metal plasticity is high, when the deformation resistance is low, greatly reducing the energy consumption of metal deformation, and can improve the processing performance of metal and alloy, the casting of the state of the bulky grain crushing, significant crack healing, reduce or eliminate the casting defects, the as-cast into deformation, improve the processing performance of alloy.

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