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Why cold drawing precision steel tubes is widely used
Jun 26, 2018

The so-called cold-drawn precision steel tubes refers to a high-precision steel tubes material obtained by means of fine drawing or cold rolling. Because the internal and external walls of cold-drawn precision steel tubes have no oxide layer, withstand high pressure, no leakage, high precision, high gloss, etc., they have been widely used in many fields.


And after being processed, the inner wall of the cold-drawing precision steel tubes has a high degree of cleanliness, can withstand high pressure, does not deform under cold bending, expands and flattens without cracks, and can be used for various complicated deformations and mechanical processing. The appearance of the steel tube is bright in white and has a high metallic luster. Nowadays, precision steel tubes users are not only users with high requirements for accuracy and finish. And many mechanical processing users in order to save the loss of work, materials, and time, such steel tubes products have gradually replaced the seamless steel tubes or round steel.


Because of so many advantages, cold-drawn precision steel tubes have quickly been widely used. For example, they can be used in hydraulic system piping, automobile manufacturing piping, military engineering, construction machinery, railway locomotives, aerospace, ships, injection molding machines, die-casting machines, Machine tools, diesel engines, petrochemicals, power stations, boiler equipment and other industries.

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