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Temperature Control of Thin-walled Seamless Steel Tubes
Jun 27, 2018

Thin-walled seamless steel tubes are made of round tube blanks during the production process. During the production process, the round tube blanks are effectively cut into a length of approximately 1 meter through a cutting machine and conveyed through a conveyor belt. It is sent to the furnace for heating. The billets are heated in a furnace and the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius.

The main fuel used in the processing of thin-walled seamless steel tubes is hydrogen or acetylene. To a certain extent, the temperature control in the furnace is a very critical issue. When it is used, the round tube blanks are passed through the pressure puncher after being released. In the operation, the commonly used punching machine is a conical roll puncher. When used, such a puncher has high production efficiency, good product quality, large perforation diameter, and can wear a variety of steel types.

After perforation of thin-walled seamless steel tubes, the round tube blanks are successively rolled by three rolls, continuous rolling or extrusion. Under normal circumstances, they need to be sizing after extrusion, and in general, they are sizing machines. High-speed rotation of the cone into the hole through the steel, forming a steel pipe. The inner diameter of the steel pipe is determined by the outer diameter length of the sizing machine drill. After the steel pipe is sizing, it enters the cooling tower and is cooled by spraying water. After the steel pipe is cooled, it must be straightened.

The thin-walled seamless steel tubes are directly sent to the metal flaw detectors by the conveyor belt after being straightened to carry out their internal flaw detection. If the steel tubes have cracks or bubbles inside, they will be detected. After the quality inspection of steel pipes, strict manual selection is also required. After the quality inspection of the steel pipe, the paint is sprayed with the serial number, specifications and production lot number. And lifted into the warehouse by a crane.

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