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Deep Hole Honing Tube Processing Technology Principles
Nov 29, 2017

Technical principle:
Honing is a special form of grinding, but also an efficient processing method in finishing. Not only does this process remove large allowances (honing is still used as a polish in the 1950s), but it is also an efficient process for improving part size, geometry accuracy and surface roughness.
Honing honing head due to rotation and reciprocating motion or honing head rotating workpiece reciprocating, the processing surface cross-helical path formed cross-cutting, and in each reciprocating travel time honing head is not an integer, so between the two trips, honing Head relative to the workpiece in a staggered angle in the circumferential direction, this movement so that each abrasive head on the hole in the hole trajectory will not be repeated. In addition, the honing head per revolution, whetstone and the previous turn of the cutting trajectory in the axial overlap length, so that before and after the grinding trajectory convergence is more smooth and uniform. In this way, there is almost equal chance of interference with each other at each point of the hole wall and the stone surface throughout the honing process. Thus, as the honing process continues to produce interference points between the surface of the hole and the stone surface, these points of interference are constantly worn off and new, more interfering points created, which are continuously worn away to increase the area of contact between the holes and the whetstone surface, The degree of interference and cutting continue to weaken, hole and whetstone roundness and cylindricity also continue to improve, and finally completed the creation of the surface of the hole. In order to get a better degree of cylindricity, where possible, the honing part often make a U-turn, or change the honing head and the axial position of the workpiece

product description:
Material: 20 # steel, 45 # steel, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L and so on
Use: deep hole parts, cylinder cylinder, cylinder cylinder and so on
Processing diameter: 28-1500mm, length 12m
Uses: Suitable for all kinds of construction machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery and agricultural vehicles, dump trucks and other hydraulic piston drive system