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​Shallowly Discusses The Piston Rod Processing And The Piston Ring Packing Gap
Nov 29, 2017

Shallowly discusses the piston rod processing and the piston ring packing gap
Xiao Bian today will continue to carry out knowledge in this area, but the content is not in front of, so that we can learn more about the piston rod, to know more about its content. And Xiaobian feel that through this article, we can increase the amount of knowledge in this area, making our knowledge more abundant.

Piston rod packing ring, its main role is to seal the gap between the cylinder block and the piston rod to prevent the piston rod leak.
In the piston rod packing, there are generally three gaps, namely:
Axial clearance: Mainly used to ensure that the packing ring can float freely, otherwise the piston rod can not work normally.
Radial clearance: to avoid the piston rod sinking, leaving the packing ring pressure, so as to avoid deformation, or damage.
Cutting gap: mainly used to compensate for the wear ring packing.
Piston rod processing technology, it is also a very important part of its processing technology is good or bad, will directly affect the quality of the piston rod, and its service life.
Piston rod processing, the general use of rolling, because the use of such processing methods, can improve the piston rod surface corrosion resistance, delay fatigue crack generation and expansion, thereby improving the fatigue strength of the piston rod.
In addition, by rolling, it is also possible to reduce the surface roughness thereof and to reduce the occurrence of wear, whereby the overall piston rod extension