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The Cause Of Leakage In The Cylinder
May 17, 2018

Piston apron wear, fracture

Wear should be checked the cleanliness of the oil, to prevent the apron after the replacement of the wear and tear. Apron fracture should check whether the pressure is high, should be adjusted to the pressure within the rated pressure. Piston and cylinder cylinder with excessive internal leakage , can not be repaired, should be returned to the manufacturer at the solution.

Piston and cylinder strain

The internal leakage caused by the piston and cylinder tube strain should be checked at the same time as changing the cylinder to ensure that the fluid is clean and prevent the strain from appearing again.

Apron aging loses sealing function

The apron is deformed under pressure and should be replaced in time.

Dirty ring causes bad seal ring

The retaining ring on the piston is easy to cut when the hydraulic cylinder is assembled. Once it is cut, it will affect the service life of the rubber ring and cause internal leakage. It is recommended to use a special tool to prevent cutting.