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Hydraulic Cylinder Leak Causes
May 15, 2018

Deformation of seals

Oil leakage caused by pressure deformation of the seal is to change the apron. Sealing failure due to high temperatures should eliminate the root cause of high temperatures while replacing the apron. Damage to the apron caused by excessive fit clearance between parts When repairing the apron, it is not possible to replace only the apron. Replacement parts should be replaced by means of changing parts to prevent the hydraulic cylinder seal from being repeatedly damaged.

Leakage from hydraulic cylinder

The upper cover should be changed from the lift angle, and the hydraulic cylinder with unloading function should be used. Otherwise, only the upper cover of the oil change cylinder will be cracked.

Piston rod and guide sleeve strained to cause oil leakage

Once the piston rod and the guide bush are pulled, they cannot be repaired and only scrapped. The piston rod should be knocked off and the burr scratches should be removed at any time. Replace the dust seal that has lost the function of the hydraulic cylinder seal. Pay attention to cleaning with oil.