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Cold-rolled seamless steel pipe main advantages and differences
Dec 23, 2017

Cold-rolled seamless steel pipe products, including not only ordinary steel, low pressure boiler steel, high pressure boiler steel, oil cracking pipe, alloy steel pipe and stainless steel pipe, etc., but also includes thin-walled alloy steel pipe, carbon steel thin-walled tubes , Thin-walled stainless steel and special-shaped steel pipe. So, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe practical application of how?

1, what is cold-rolled seamless steel pipe?

We often say that cold-rolled seamless steel tubes, in fact, refers to the normal temperature conditions, the steel or strip material to cold-drawing, cold bending machine cold drawing and other cold-working process into various types of steel.

CK20 Precision Tube.jpg

2, the main advantages of cold-rolled seamless steel pipe:

The advantages of cold-rolled seamless steel pipe is quite prominent, first in the process, not only can greatly improve the molding speed, and high yield, without any damage to the coating. Secondly, a variety of cross-sectional forms can be made during processing to meet different requirements of use. Thirdly, cold rolling can cause great plastic deformation of the steel, thereby increasing the yield point of the steel. In comparison, cold rolling has higher dimensional accuracy than hot rolling.

3, the difference between cold-rolled seamless steel pipe and hot-rolled seamless steel pipe:

First of all, there is a difference in the production process between the two, the former being cold-working and the latter being hot-working. In general, hot rolling refers to rolling above the recrystallization temperature and cold rolling below the recrystallization temperature. Second, there is a clear difference in appearance between the two. Under normal circumstances, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe surface bright, smaller caliber size.

Not only that, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe and hot-rolled seamless steel pipe in the practical application there are obvious differences. Typically, hot-rolled steel pipe used in the fluid transport, mechanical structure, such as the size of the less demanding occasions, and cold-rolled seamless steel pipe is mainly used for a variety of precision instruments, hydraulic systems and aerodynamic requirements of the more demanding workplaces .

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