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Honing tube related knowledge
Dec 21, 2017

Honing pipe has been widely used in different fields, involving the main industries of construction machinery, plastic machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hoisting machinery, road construction machinery and textile machinery. Wiping the current processing honing tube, the main processing methods used in four, namely, cold-rolled, cold drawn, honing and rolling jade.


1, honing pipe quenching treatment, including what?


The reason why the honing tube to be quenched and tempered, hoping to make it has excellent overall mechanical properties. The so-called quenching and tempering, mainly refers to the pipe after quenching, and then high-temperature tempering. In this process, one of the most important point is to control the process of heating time, holding time, cooling rate and cooling medium and other process parameters.


Of course, the setting of these parameters is mainly determined by the material properties of the honing pipe and the technical requirements. After this process, the product has undergone great changes. On the one hand, the strength has been significantly improved, on the other hand it has a better plasticity and toughness, more in line with the application of a variety of working conditions.


Precision seamless tube.jpg

2, the particularity of honing tube reflected in what place?


First of all, it is a steel tube machined from a honing machine. Secondly, when machining, the machine tool spindle and the honing head are connected in a floating manner. It should be noted that in some cases also need to be combined with the workpiece geometry to be considered. The product processing aperture is mainly five to five hundred millimeters and so on.


3, honing tube industry outlook analysis:


In the process of honing tube industry, like other products, the relationship between supply and demand in the market is a very important factor. At present, the market demand for honing tubes is great, while the supply side is slightly less. In other words, in the current period of strong demand, major manufacturers also need to continue their efforts to further improve the production process, reduce costs, strict quality control to provide the most reliable products.


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