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Cold-rolled tube processing flow and the main features
Dec 18, 2017

Under normal circumstances, the maximum nominal diameter of cold-rolled pipe up to two hundred millimeters. Currently in the process of producing cold-rolled pipe, the main use of periodic cold-rolled pipe machine. The working characteristic of this equipment is that the steel pipe and the mandrel stay intact, with the reciprocating motion of the rack to drive the rolling rolling steel pipe rolling, the use of variable cross-section compression rolling pieces, so as to reduce the diameter and reduce the wall requirements.

In practical application, the prominent point of cold rolled tube is that the reduction of area is large, especially the ability of reducing wall. For example, in the processing of carbon steel material, a reduction of the rolling section of the rate of up to 80% to 83%, while the alloy is between 72% to 75%. In fact, the cold rolling method can not only be used to directly produce part of the higher precision steel pipe, but also can be used in conjunction with the cold drawn method for the cold drawn open billet.

As a result, not only can cold rolling reduce the wall capacity, but also has the advantages of easy replacement, which helps to improve productivity and expand product range. More importantly, this also significantly improves the surface quality of cold rolled tubes.


1, the main cold-rolled pipe processing:

In the actual production process, when the rolling mill and the roll at the starting position, the hole size can reach the maximum size at this time will be larger than the outer diameter of the blank; and when it reaches the stroke limit position, the hole than the finished product Outer diameter slightly larger. Before reaching the limit of travel limit, the smallest hole size, and the finished diameter of the same. At the starting point, the material fed is usually about 3 to 30 millimeters depending on the size of the mill. After reaching the limit position, turn the cold rolled tube, each flip 60 ° to 90 °.


2, cold-rolled pipe and ordinary pipe What is the difference?

In fact, there are many differences between the two, such as dimensional accuracy, cold rolled tube size is good, higher accuracy. From the appearance of view, the former surface is bright, more beautiful. From the use of up analysis, cold-rolled tubes are mainly used for precision instruments, hydraulic systems, pneumatic and other demanding workplaces.

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