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The characteristics of Precision honing tube
Dec 30, 2017

Precision honing pipe is a gas tightness testing device, which effectively includes a bracket, a water tank is arranged on the bracket, and is characterized in that a supporting plate is arranged in the water tank, a honing pipe is arranged on the supporting plate and a hydraulic pressure is arranged below the supporting plate Rod, the hydraulic rod through the bottom of the tank with holes connected to the hydraulic cylinder. Reasonable design, the use of hydraulic devices instead of manually lifting the honing tube down, smooth, fast and safe, saving manpower and time, making testing more convenient. High-precision honing tube Spring steel bars for the headset section will not be large, the general use of cold forming process can be.

seamless tube.jpg

Precision honing tube characteristics
1. High precision, saving machining workers when the loss of materials.

2. Specifications, a wide range of applications.

3. Cold drawn honing tube finished high precision, surface quality, good straightness.

4 cylinder performance is superior, the metal is more dense

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