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Precision honing pipe welding process and advantages
Dec 30, 2017

1. Since the reaction is exothermic, the material just needs to be heated to a temperature of a few hundred degrees Celsius below the melting point, which saves energy.
2. High quality honing pipe welding suitable for surface treatment of materials. High-quality honing tube welding can be ceramic - ceramic, metal - ceramic, metal - metal welding.

Seamless Honed Tube.jpg

3. Since the green compact can be pressed into any shape, the high quality honing tube can be welded and made into a product which is not easy to manufacture.
4.High quality honing tube during the welding of the local heat can reduce the heat affected zone, to avoid the destruction of the microstructure of the heat-sensitive material, maintaining the performance of the material.
5. Welding is a synthetic gradient material that can be used as a solder to weld shaped materials to overcome the chemical, mechanical, and physical mismatch between base metals.
6. Solder can be added to enhance the phase, such as enhanced particles, short fibers, whiskers, etc., to form a composite material.

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