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Construction technology and insulation characteristics of small diameter Tubing
Jun 29, 2018

In the process of manufacturing small-diameter Tubing, its tripropylene polyethylene is mainly used as the material. When it is used, the price is moderate, and the heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-fouling, stable performance, the whole product's life span can reach 50 years, etc. The advantage is that small-diameter Tubings can be embedded in walls or embedded in deep wells.

The technical requirements for the construction of small-diameter Tubing are relatively high, and the use of special tools and professional knowledge to carry out its construction can guarantee the safety of the system. The PVC Tubing is a popular, popular and widely used type in the world today. Tubing, it has good processing performance, low manufacturing cost, insulation, corrosion resistance and other advantages, can be used as a matching water supply fittings, used for water supply projects in buildings or sewage.

The material used for small-diameter Tubings is a Tubing made of a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin with a milky white surface that resists corrosion of most domestic and industrial chemicals and has excellent insulation characteristics. It makes it suitable for wire and cable, and still maintains good characteristics at low temperatures.

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