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Stainless steel cylinder rod basic requirements and processing technology
Jul 02, 2018

1. Basic requirements for Stainless steel cylinder rod

Stainless steel cylinder rod is mainly used to connect the piston and crosshead, is used to transfer the force acting on the piston and drive the piston movement.

Must have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability, and have good wear resistance and surface roughness. Structurally, the effects of stress concentration should be minimized. In addition, disassembly and installation work is also convenient. In the connection, to make the connection safe and reliable, to avoid loosening and other issues.


2. Stainless steel cylinder rod processing technology

The Stainless steel cylinder rod is a kind of rolling processing, because the adoption of this kind of technology can help the piston rod to seal the surface micro-cracks very well, and improve its surface corrosion resistance, as well as delay the generation or expansion of fatigue cracks. In order to improve the fatigue resistance of Stainless steel cylinder rod.

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