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Finishing pipe use
Nov 29, 2017

Cold-rolled precision tube, also known as cold-rolled steel, is a seamless steel pipe production process. Finishing pipe
Finishing pipe features:
1. Cold-rolled precision steel pipe tolerances high dimensional accuracy, product accuracy control ± 5mm, inside and outside the wall finish, no oxide layer on the surface.
2. Cold-rolled precision steel pipe excellent overall performance, can withstand high pressure, cold bending, flaring, flattening crack, not wrinkled skin, can do a variety of complex deformation and machining.
3. The promotion and application of precision seamless pipe can save steel, improve processing efficiency, reduce processing operations and equipment investment, can save costs and greatly save machining time, improve production and material utilization, and help improve product quality and reduce cost.
The use of finishing pipe:
Cold-rolled precision steel is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric cars, petrochemicals, electricity, ships, aerospace, bearings, pneumatic components, low pressure boilers and other fields.
Finishing pipe weight formula: [(OD - wall thickness) * wall thickness] * 0.02466 = kg / m (weight per meter)

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