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How to improve the thickness of precision cold-drawn pipe wall
May 30, 2018

In order to effectively improve the wall thickness of precision cold-drawn tubes, it is necessary to perform from various angles, such as maintaining uniformity during the heating of the tube blanks, and at the same time ensuring a smooth and slow temperature rise and fall; at the same time, the equipment can be adjusted to determine The installation position of the heart roller and various parameters; but also to ensure that the centerline of the rolling center of the piercing mill is consistent with the centerline of the perforated trolley so as to avoid various adverse conditions.

In addition, the production tools for cold-drawn tubes must be promptly replaced. In particular, the mandrel must be kept in the best working condition and with high accuracy. After perfecting all aspects of processes and equipment, the accuracy of the wall of the precision cold-drawn tube is certain. It will improve.

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