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Stainless Steel Honing Pipe Market With The Influx Of A Large Number Of Products For The Status Quo Oversupply
Nov 29, 2017

With the user's individual needs of the drawing machine, each drawing machine manufacturers need to adopt advanced scientific and rapid design methods to quickly meet user needs. With the number and type of cold drawing machines continue to increase, the manufacture of drawing machine business, drawing machine industry in urgent need of industry standard specification drawing machine production, to achieve standardization and versatility. Nearly 20 years of industrial production and the actual shows that the use of cold drawn directly to the production of hydraulic pneumatic cylinder tube, advanced technology and reliable, with high economic value and social benefits. Cold drawing machine production towards high precision, heavy-duty, automation, green safety aspects, including prestressed frame hydraulic drawing machine will be the future direction of development, drawing machine series, standardization.

As the competition becomes fiercer and fiercer, the profit margins in the steel market will become lower and lower, and the price transparency will increase. Therefore, the finishing pipe will only be profitable with high precision. China's seamless steel pipe production and consumption ranks first in the world, second only to seamless steel pipe production in Tianjin and Jiangsu. Corresponding to this situation, the city's seamless steel pipe production-based, there are some pipe, output ranked first in Shandong. Second, the whole species. The inventory of steel pipe market, varieties, specifications readily available, more than 10,000 kinds of models, everything. Pipe production and processing enterprises are numerous, including pipe products, cold drawn pipe, finishing pipe, thermal expansion pipe, straight seam welded pipe, honing tube, caliber from 5 mm to 1200 mm, can also be made for customers at any time caliber pipe .

Honing tube industry to actively promote technological progress, product innovation, energy saving. Angang Bayuquan honing pipe since the new district put into operation, the blast furnace ironmaking coke ratio, PCI ratio greatly increased. Shougang Jingtang honing pipe company 5500 cubic meters of blast furnace dry dust, water purification reached the international level. In the first 11 months of 2009, energy consumption and sulfur dioxide emission per ton of honing tube industry dropped. Stainless steel honing tube market with the influx of a large number of products caused by the demand for much more than the status quo, the price continued to decline makes many industry experts honing tube prices, industry expansion impulses with the decline in market prices also gradually stopped in the industry view The development of honing tube industry should be further reform, cut directly into the substantive issues to remove the key issues.

Taking the West-East Gas Pipeline project as an example, if the amount of steel pipe used in the mainline is 1,720,000 tons, nearly 2 million tons will be required if all the medium-pressure pipelines to be distributed to users after the natural gas enters the city are used with polyethylene gas pipe Large pipeline market capacity, cold drawn precision cold drawn tubes, cold drawn alloy tube small diameter cold drawn pipe, high pressure boiler steel pipe development prospects. Cold drawn pipe precision cold drawn tube cold drawn alloy tube small diameter cold drawn pipe steel, high pressure boiler steel pipe natural gas will become the main source of gas in most large and medium cities in the future. In 2005, China had 148 cities and 72 million people used natural gas with an annual gas consumption of 20.2 billion cubic meters. High-precision cold-drawn aluminum tube, the nineties have gradually started using high-precision cold drawn steel pipe production technology and equipment developed by the new products. Relative to the cold drawn steel pipe, with light weight, smooth surface, low strength and easy grinding, etc., can gradually fill the high-precision cold drawn steel pipe in the low intensity of neutral.

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